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Allianz Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013    Allianz Group70 Events after the balance sheet date Allianz issued a CHF 500 MN undated subordina­ted bond In January 2014, ­Allianz SE issued a subordinated bond in the amount of CHF 500 MN with no scheduled maturity, but with ordinary call rights of ­Allianz beginning in July 2019. The coupon of 3.25 % p.a. is fixed until July 2019. Changes in segment structure, presentation and accounting policies In 2013, we experienced material changes in our presentation and accounting policies due to the amendments to IAS 19 and the applica- tion of IFRS 13, which came into effect on 1 January 2013. For further information, please refer to note 4 to the consolidated financial state- ments. In addition, all restructuring charges have been presented within the operating profit effective 1 January 2013. For further infor- mation, please refer to note 6 to the consolidated financial state- ments. The applicable requirements of the German Accounting Stan- dard 20 (“Deutscher Rechnungslegungs Standard – DRS”) are incorpo- rated in the Group Management Report 2013. In2013,thereportablesegment“GlobalAssistance”wasrenamed “Allianz Worldwide Partners”. For further information, please refer to Business Operations and Markets starting on    page 49. There were no changes to the Board of Management in 2013. For further information on the current composition of the Board of Man- agement, please refer to    page 58.    Other parts of the Group Management Report The following information also forms part of the Group Management Report: −− Statement on Corporate Management pursuant to § 289a of the HGB starting on    page 32, −− Takeover-related Statements and Explanations starting on    page 34  and the  −− Remuneration Report starting on    page 37.

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