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Allianz Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013    Allianz Group62 countries. We are also committed to having 30  % of management posi- tions in Germany held by women by the end of 2015. Women Across The ­Allianz Group 1 in % 2013 2012 2011 Women in executive positions 2 21.2 19.4 19.2 Female managers 3 35.5 33.9 33.3 Share of women in overall workforce 52.8 52.5 52.3 1 Figures based on the number of employees in ­Allianz’s core business. Excluded are fully consolidated companies which are considered as pure financial investments and companies classified as held for sale. 2 Including women at all executive positions below the Board of Management. 3 Including women functionally responsible for other staff, regardless of level, e.g. division, department, and team managers. Talent management We take a common and systematic approach to developing talent across all ­Allianz companies. To ensure the quality and performance of our employees, we focus on managing and developing talent and careers by assessing performance and potential, providing appropri- ate development actions and ensuring robust succession plans. We develop both leadership and functional skills to ensure our employ- ees can achieve current and future business goals. In order to meet future staff needs, we promote the necessity of lifelong learning. Also, our Strategic Workforce Planning proactively supports strategic human resources decision-making by supplying forecasts on eco- nomic, demographic and socio-cultural trends. Remuneration The ­Allianz Group paid a total of € 9.1 bn(2012:€ 8.9 bn) to its employees worldwide in 2013. Of this, approximately 32 % was for performance- related (variable) remuneration elements. € 2.4 bn (2012: € 2.3 bn) was spent on social security contributions, pensions and other social benefits. Employee engagement Allianz annually collects feedback from employees, managers and board members to measure the overall level of engagement and iden- tify its drivers through the ­Allianz Engagement Survey. 119,230 employees from 72 ­Allianz companies were invited to participate in 2013. The global response rate of 84  % was 3 percentage points up com- pared to 2012. The Employee Engagement Index is a key measure of employee satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and pride. Scores on this index have improved continuously every year since the launch of the Group-wide survey in 2010. The survey results are factors in the remu- neration of the Group’s Board of Management. Employee Engagement Index 2013 2012 2011 Employee Engagement Index 73 70 67 Further employee figures Further employee figures 1 2013 2012 tenure 2 Tenure ­Allianz Group 10.8 10.7 Age Structure In % Average age – ­Allianz Group 40.1 39.8 EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP in % Permanent employees 93.3 93.5 Temporary employees 6.7 6.5 Full-time employees 88.5 87.6 Part-time employees 11.5 12.4 Employee Qualification In % University degree 45.3 44.5 Vocational training 31.6 31.3 Other qualification 23.1 24.2 Employee Turnover Total external recruitment 23,477 21,324 Total external leavers 21,115 19,815 1 Figures based on the number of employees in ­Allianz’s core business. Excluded are fully consolidated companies which are considered as pure financial investments and companies classified as held for sale. 2 Tenure represents the period of employment in ­Allianz companies starting from the date of the first entry into an ­Allianz company. Community Engagement We donate money to address social, environmental and cultural issues relevant to ­Allianz and the societies in which we operate. In 2013 we donated € 18.6 mn (2012: € 20.4 mn) to support local communi- ties. We also offer our employees the possibility to donate in the event of natural catastrophes. Furthermore, we have an international net- work of 13 ­Allianz affiliated corporate foundations. We offer a number of employee volunteering opportunities in local communities, for example My Finance Coach, which fosters financial literacy among youth and reached more than 150,000 stu- dents in Germany alone in 2013, and the leadership development program Social OPEX, in which 59 employees from 21 ­Allianz subsid- iaries shared their expertise with 24 socially-committed organiza- tions.

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