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Allianz Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013    Allianz Group 59 C Group Management Report Your ­Allianz 49 Business Operations and Markets 56 Strategy and Steering 59 Progress in Sustainable Development Progress in Sustainable Development Wetakeourresponsibilityfortheenvironmentandsocietalissuesseri- ously and focus on activities relevant to our business and stakehold- ers. Over the course of 2013 we made good progress in further embed- dingenvironmental,socialandgovernanceaspectsintoourbusiness. Our positive performance was also recognized by the Dow Jones Sus- tainability Index, which named us the leading sustainable insurer. At the same time, ­Allianz is receiving more attention from non- governmental organizations (NGOs). As a major insurer and asset manager, we have business relationships with companies worldwide. Critics of some of these companies are increasingly turning to us. We take their concerns seriously. Engagement is a key tool in under- standing the expectations of our stakeholders, and also as a means of starting a discussion. Our strong commitment to integrating envi- ronmental, social and governance aspects into our core processes supports our business strategy, ensures we live up to our values and demonstrates responsibility in our decision-making. As signatories to the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative’s (UNEP-FI) Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), we want to drive sustainability across the board. This chapter highlights ­Allianz’s sustainability performance and presents major developments in the areas of Business, Environ- ment, People and Ethics in 2013.1 Business 2 Allianz Brand The ­Allianz brand3 plays a key role in driving sustainable business growth. Altogether, we work with more than 600,000 ­Allianz ambas- sadors such as employees, agents and partners towards creating a One ­Allianz experience for our customers. In line with this goal, our ­Allianz branded revenues stood at approximately 82 % (2012: 83 %) of total revenues in 2013. Our one-brand vision leaves room for our renowned specialty brands such as PIMCO and Euler Hermes that use ­Allianz as their reference and build brand equity transfer for our mutual benefit. ­Allianz is one of the most successful financial ser- vices brands in the Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands Ranking 2013: Our brand again demonstrated growth in value, increasing by 8 % to approximately USD 6.7 bn (2012: usd 6.2 bn). 1 A full presentation of our sustainability strategy, approach and progress can be found online at www.­ 2 More information can be found online at 3 Our ­Allianz trademark is registered and protected worldwide, as are our domain names. Furthermore, we have registered our corporate design and brand claim “Allianz. With you from A – Z.” in all relevant countries worldwide. With our rebranding activities we are extending the scope of our business under the ­Allianz brand beyond the core area of insurance and asset management. In order to maintain the distinctiveness and strength of our ­Allianz brand, we continuously monitor possible infringements of our trademark applications and registrations by third parties. Authentic brand experience for trusted relationships In 2013, we continued our global brand communication framework ONE. Rolled out in over 30 countries, ONE supports our global position- ing as a Trusted Partner and establishes a consistent and authentic brand message. We further evolved our global sponsoring platforms. With a stronger focus on digital and social media, and in close align- ment with our distribution strategy, our premium sponsorships now offer a new quality of customer experience and engagement with our brand and our business. Furthermore, we anchor corporate respon- sibility as a vital component in our strategic sponsorship approach. More than 25 ­Allianz entities, for example, are engaged in our Road Safety Program. Overall, we continue to invest in our strong global brand, with increased focus on strategic growth markets and a clear emphasis on digital media. In 2013, for example, the overall share of digital spend- ing in our local markets reached almost 25 % of our media expendi- tures worldwide. Our customers expect free choice across a variety of different access channels to ­Allianz. Therefore, we invest in real-time custom- er interaction and corresponding technology to stay connected to consumers and improve our customer service. One particular focus in our retail business is on making ­Allianz products and services easy to find and to purchase, be it from ­Allianz agents and partners or online.Forexample,offerinnovationssuchasFastQuotefrom­Allianz Italy allow customers to receive a competitive motor quote simply and quickly based on only two data feeds. Customer BASE Overall, our customer base has grown from approximately 78 million customers insured by ­Allianz worldwide in 2012 to more than 83 mil- lion customers in 2013. The increase was mainly due to the acquisi- tion of Yapı Kredi in Turkey with around 3 million customers and an organic growth of approximately 2 million customers. Customers by region/country 1 as of 31 December 2013 [31 December 2012] in % France 6.0 [6.4] Rest of German Speaking Countries 2.6 [2.7] Italy 7.3 [7.4] Germany 24.0 [24.2] Rest of Europe & Latin America 18.5 [14.0] Anglo Markets 7.9 [7.5] USA 1.4 [1.6] Growth Markets 32.3 [36.2] 1 Customer figures exclude microinsurance and pension funds clients.

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