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Allianz Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2013    Allianz Group 29 B Corporate Governance 27 Corporate Governance Report 32 Statement on Corporate Management pursuant to § 289a of the HGB 34 Takeover-related Statements and Explanations 37 Remuneration Report Supervisory Board Committees Part of the Supervisory Board’s work is carried out by its committees. The composition of committees and the tasks assigned to them are regulated by the Supervisory Board’s Rules of Procedure. The Supervi- sory Board receives regular reports on the activities of its committees. supervisory board committees supervisory board COMMITTEES RESPONSIBILITIES STANDING COMMITTEE  5 members − Chairman: Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Dr. Helmut Perlet) − Two further shareholder representatives (Prof. Dr. Renate Köcher, Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat) − Two employee represen­tatives (Gabriele Burkhardt-Berg, Rolf Zimmermann) − Approval of certain transactions which require approval of the Supervisory Board, e.g. capital increases, acquisitions and disposals of participations − Preparation of the Declaration of Compliance pursuant to § 161 Aktiengesetz (German Stock Corporation Act) and control of corporate governance − Preparation of the self-evaluation of the Supervisory Board AUDIT COMMITTEE  5 members − Chairman: appointed by the Supervisory Board (Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat) − Three shareholder represen­- tatives (Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat, Igor Landau, Dr. Helmut Perlet) − Two employee represen­tatives (Ira Gloe-Semler, Jean-Jacques Cette) − Initial review of the annual ­Allianz SE and consoli­- dated financial statements, management reports (incl. Risk Report) and the dividend proposal, review of half-yearly and quarterly financial reports − Monitoring of the financial reporting process, the effectiveness of the internal control and audit system and legal and compliance issues − Monitoring of the audit procedures, including the independence of the auditor and the services additionally rendered, awarding of the audit contract and discussion of key issues related to the external audit RISK COMMITTEE  5 members − Chairman: appointed by the Supervisory Board (Dr. Helmut Perlet) − Three shareholder representatives (Christine Bosse, Dr. Helmut Perlet, Peter Denis Sutherland) − Two employee represen­tatives (Dante Barban, Franz Heiß) − Monitoring of the risk situation and special risk developments in the ­Allianz Group − Monitoring of the effectiveness of the risk management system − Initial review of the Risk Report and other risk-related statements in the annual financial statements and management reports of ­Allianz SE and the ­Allianz Group, informing the Audit Committee on the results of such reviews PERSONNEL COMMITTEE  3 members − Chairman: Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Dr. Helmut Perlet) − One further shareholder representative (Christine Bosse) − One employee represen­tative (Rolf Zimmermann) − Preparation of the appointment of Board of Management members − Preparation of plenary session resolutions on the compensation system and the overall compensation of Board of Management members − Conclusion, amendment and termination of service contracts of Board of Management members unless reserved for the plenary session − Long-term succession planning for the Board of Management, taking diversity into account and, in particular, aiming for adequate representation of women − Approval of the assumption of other mandates by Board of Management members NOMINATION COMMITTEE  3 members − Chairman: Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Dr. Helmut Perlet) − Two further shareholder representatives (Prof. Dr. Renate Köcher, Peter Denis Sutherland) − Setting of concrete objectives for the composition of the Supervisory Board − Establishment of selection criteria for shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board in compliance with the Code’s recommendations on the composition of the Supervisory Board − Selection of suitable candidates for election to the Supervisory Board as shareholder representatives PUBLICATION OF DETAILS OF MEMBERS’ PARTICIPATION IN MEETINGS The Supervisory Board considers it good corporate governance to publish the details of individual members’ participation in plenary sessions and committee meetings. Publication of details of members’ participation in meetings Presence In percent PLENARY SESSIONS OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD Dr. Helmut Perlet (Chairman) 6/6 100 Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat (Vice Chairman) 6/6 100 Rolf Zimmermann (Vice Chairman) 6/6 100 Dante Barban 6/6 100 Christine Bosse 6/6 100 Gabriele Burkhardt-Berg 6/6 100 Jean-Jacques Cette 6/6 100 Ira Gloe-Semler 4/61 66.67 Franz Heiß 6/6 100 Prof. Dr. Renate Köcher 4/61 66.67 Igor Landau 6/6 100 Peter Denis Sutherland 5/61 83.33 STANDING COMMITTEE Dr. Helmut Perlet (Chairman) 5/5 100 Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat 5/5 100 Gabriele Burkhardt-Berg 5/5 100 Prof. Dr. Renate Köcher 3/51 60 Rolf Zimmermann 5/5 100 PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Dr. Helmut Perlet (Chairman) 4/4 100 Christine Bosse 4/4 100 Rolf Zimmermann 4/4 100 AUDIT COMMITTEE Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat (Chairman) 5/5 100 Jean-Jacques Cette 5/5 100 Ira Gloe-Semler 4/51 80 Igor Landau 5/5 100 Dr. Helmut Perlet 5/5 100 RISK COMMITTEE Dr. Helmut Perlet (Chairman) 2/2 100 Dante Barban 2/2 100 Christine Bosse 2/2 100 Franz Heiß 2/2 100 Peter Denis Sutherland 2/2 100 1 Excused.

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